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Research is at the heart of everything we do. We draw on expertise in advanced, critical research methodologies across our two home institutions and bring cutting-edge knowledge to bear on the complex and ‘knotty’ problems in the field of teacher education and development.

Our leadership team has strong track records in research that engages with policy and develops practice leading to impact. CITED has particular interests in collaborative and participatory designs and studies that problematise the theory/practice dualism.

We share our research and exchange knowledge with partners and clients around the world, including local and national governments, educational institutions, charities, media organisations and NGOs.


Research by our leadership in New York addresses the preparation and development of teachers to engage in teaching for equity and justice in diverse classroom situations. Specific projects include Professor Souto-Manning’s Quality Universally Inclusive Early Responsive Education and the Quality Teaching in UPK and research to redesign partnerships with teachers. More recently, she has undertaken the task of developing teacher education research communities committed to interrupting inequities and fostering justice in Brazil.

Professor Mensah’s recent research reflects the following scholarly areas: Science Teacher Education; Diversity, Equity & Social Justice Education; Preparing teachers of color; and Urban and Multicultural Education through curriculum development and working with students and teachers in classrooms.

In London, Professor Ellis is currently a Principal Investigator on the Norwegian Research Council-funded Learning and Assessment Across Boundaries in Teacher Education (LAB-Ted) that deploys the Change Laboratory methodology across two school-university partnerships. He is also Co-Principal Investigator on an interdisciplinary project designed to support teachers dealing with traumatic incidents in collaboration with King’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Professor Harrison’s current research includes a multi-national collaboration developing a framework for teacher assessment capabilities in teacher education funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada) and a Wellcome Trust-funded study supporting the development of students’ practical science skills in both primary and secondary teacher education.

Knowledge Exchange and Consultancy

Our leadership team has advised local and national governments; school districts and local education authorities; schools and universities; charities and specialist organisations. Professor Ellis has advised both the Norwegian (2017 – 2020) and UK governments (1999 – 2002) on teacher education reform policy as well as consulting with UK, Chinese and Irish universities, publishing houses, theatre companies and schools. Professor Harrison has advised the UK’s Royal Society on, among other issues, the recruitment and retention of science teachers. She has also provided workshops for for, among other clients, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), who lead the educational system of each US state.

Professor Souto-Manning has offered consultancy and knowledge exchange activities to the New York state education department and several universities on teacher education for equity and justice and also the University of Iceland, where she has worked with university faculty to redesign teacher education to better address the needs of immigrant communities. Professor Mensah offers interactive workshops to a variety of organisations supporting doctoral students and junior faculty in reaching their professional goals. She is also a Past President of Sisters of the Academy.

In addition to the leadership team’s own educational phase and subject expertise (from early childhood to upper secondary education; from science and mathematics to literacy and languages), they are also able to draw on the substantial expertise of colleagues across Teachers College and King’s College London. Through the advisory board, CITED also has access to advice from global policy and media organisations.