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CITED’s education programmes have been jointly created by King’s College London and Teachers College, Columbia University to meet the needs of all those involved in teacher education and continuing professional learning.

Our portfolio begins with short courses and will eventually include a doctoral degree that will appeal to a wide range of teacher educators, policy-makers, activists and charity and NGO workers around the world.

Our approach

Through our local, national and international networks and our locations in two of the world’s leading research universities, we are able to access cutting edge, research-based knowledge. Through our active collaborations with teachers, schools, districts, professional associations, charities and other organisations, we are able to design programmes that allow research-based knowledge to have transformative impact and contribute to positive, creative change in teacher education practices.

Short courses

Our first two short courses have been designed in close partnership with the award-winning learning design team at King’s Online in London. These courses demonstrate our commitment to our driving principles of equity and social justice as well as our commitment to supporting teacher educators develop rigorous research programmes that are designed to have professional impact.

Participants in these short courses will have ongoing access to future CITED networking and support activities.

Committing to Equity and Justice in Teacher Education

Online mode only; self-directed independent study. Suitable for all teacher educators working in schools, colleges, universities, local and regional government and elsewhere.

This online course invites teacher educators to examine their current identities and practices and offers tools for critiquing, revising, and redesigning teacher education programmes. Participants will identify how current structures and experiences in teacher education reproduce educational and social inequities and will have the opportunity to develop teacher education courses, activities and/or workshops that foster equity and social justice as design imperatives.

Course leader: Professor Mariana Souto-Manning.

Developing Research in Teacher Education: From Design to Publication

Blended mode only; online components precede and follow a two-day, face-to-face workshop in either London or New York. Suitable for advanced doctoral students and early career researchers in the broad field of teacher education.

This course is designed to help beginning researchers in the field of teacher education contextualise their research; understand some of the challenges facing this research field, particularly around the contested notion of ‘quality’; and consider all aspects of the research process from design to peer-reviewed publication. The course places particular emphasis on issues of methodological rigour and research impact and all participants will receive feedback on one aspect of their work in progress.

Course leader: Professor Viv Ellis.