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Innovation in teacher education

You may be wondering why we use the word innovation instead of choosing some other term to explain the work CITED will undertake in the field of teacher education

As teacher education researchers who recognise the importance of research and how teacher education is implicated in the (re)production of inequity, we promote innovation as the transformation of existing situations undertaken by members of communities for equitable and socially just ends. These transformations are enacted through the creative contributions of those communities that lead to valued and valuable changes in practice.

This way of using innovation is predicated on clear commitments to societally important values that, in turn, are based on a commitment to teacher education as a potential public good.

Our understanding of innovation also relies on teacher educators seeing themselves as members of a community within which collaborations with the profession and the wider publics are a responsibility and not a choice.

You can read more about our approach to innovation in teacher education founded on commitments to equity and justice in an introductory article we wrote for a special issue of the Journal of Education for Teaching.